BCG Vaccine

BCG Vaccine : Tuberculosis Vaccine

BCG vaccine Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (aka Bacille Calmette-Guerin, BCG) is called tuberculosis vaccine (tb vaccine). BCG vaccine was named after these researchers. Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin, two French researchers, discovered BCG vaccine by transferring cattle tuberculosis bacillus 230 times from culture to culture in 13 years. With this study, they found that this bacillus does not cause tuberculosis in the humans but the humans’ immune systems get stronger against tuberculosis.


Specifics of BCG Vaccine

BCG vaccine is so weak to light. This vaccine can be intradermally implemented after the birth. BCG prevents pathogen bacillus from propagating via blood and lymphatic system so that it decreases the possibility of the deadly disseminated tuberculosis (miliary tuberculosis) and tuberculous meningitis to occur. It was found that BCG vaccine is 50% effective to obstruct pulmonary tuberculosis to occur.


Complications of BCG Vaccine

The side effects of BCG vaccine is few. The complications followed by BCG vaccine are dependent on the dosage of the vaccine, vaccination location and depth, and patient’s age and immune system.

- The mostly seen complications are the local apsis occur on the neck lymphadenopathies and underarms.

- Adenopathies usually occur 1-2 months later after the BCG vaccine. No treatment is needed.
- Big lymphadenopathies are taken out with surgery.
- Since the disease may occur due to BCG vaccine, the patients with lymphadenopathy due to BCG should be kept under observation.
- Nothing required for non-fluctuating adenopathies. It usually recovers as calcified.
- Fluctuating adenopathies recover with vaccine.
- Isoniazid does not shorten the treatment duration, so it is not suggested.
- The wide and abnormal scars which occur after the vaccine are generally considered genetic reasons.


Early BCG Vaccination Reaction

Flow, swelling, and scar occur after BCG vaccination. It shows that the child got infected by tuberculosis (TB) before. That’s why, TST (tuberculin skin test) should be done on the kids older than 3 months before BCG vaccine.